Tuesday, 28 August 2012

midnight thoughts of nothingness

I am speechless. After 4 freakin' years i am finally writing again <with the exception of my short notes from my starbucks planner, which also don't do much justice since it also doesn't happen quite too often>. What exactly happened to me and my love to lay my thoughts through writing? I think it's just straightforward to say that, i got attached. Attached meaning, Maki.  Eversince I started dating my current boyfriend maki, I have more time expressing my thoughts verbally, i had more time going out, dining out and eating all sorts of food that made me 10lbs heavier than my weight back in 2008! In short, i got busy.

Did I ever lose my passion? my inspiration? It has always been there playing hide and seek in my head but I just couldn't find the time to do it. but no I've always had the time. especially when I started working here in Singapore. You would normally find me sitting, laying and just making love with my bed practically doing nothing but waste my time in facebook. My ever convenient iphone and wifi availability led me to become lazy. It's like everything you need is in your phone and I wouldn't even bother to get a glass of water no matter how thirsty i am it's as if i can drink my phone. I'm such a mess. I know.